Saving you money with competitive commission rates


HDRE Corporation began doing business in 2007 as a consulting firm advising clients regarding distressed real estate assets and underwriting potential deals to determine their expected value using proprietary financial pro-forma. With the recovery in the market, we have transitioned into a full service brokerage firm offering reduced commission rates because of our belief that a single commission rate of six percent cannot be uniformly applied across all residential asset classes or the spectrum of price ranges. The fluctuation in cost to sell a home certainly varies from high-end to low-end; however, the incremental cost of six percent does not accurately reflect the actual cost for each dollar of incremental revenue. Our goal is to provide a commission rate that more accurately reflects the actual cost to sell a home within various price ranges and allow homeowners to preserve the equity they have built in their homes and put that savings toward the purchase of another home or asset. In previous eras only real estate brokerages had access to home listings, but in today’s marketplace home listings can be made available to the public thereby lowering search costs that should be passed on to consumers and this is why HDRE Corporation continues to do business. We are not a discount brokerage. What we are is a brokerage firm that believes in putting the homeowner first, acting with integrity and helping homeowners recognize savings with reduced commission rates.